The cruise

The cruise

Jour 1/ Day 1

Sunday: KOPER ( Slovenia )
Very near from Trieste in Italy is located the small renaissance city of Koper (Capo d'Istria) which is today the most important port of Slovenia . Start of the cruise

Jour 2 / Day 2

Monday: ZADAR ( Croatia )
Once a dominant city on the Adriatic coast and rival of Venice , Zadar is nowadays a “city-treasury”, preserving in its historical core the remains of the Roman Forum, the Church of St. Donat , the Romanesque Cathedral of St Anastasia, the Church of St. Mary and the Benedictine Convent. The city owns a permanent collection of church art known as “The Gold and Silver of Zadar”.

Jour 3 / Day 3

Tuesday: PLOCE (optional tour to Mostar – Bosnia )
Ploce is a commercial port located in central Dalmatia . From Ploce, we offer an optional tour to the famous old city of Mostar (Bosnia Herzegovina) where you will see the reconstructed “old bridge” built by the occupying Turkish forces 500 years ago.

Jour 4 / Day 4

Tuesday afternoon: KORCULA ( Croatia )
The historical town of Korcula is known as to be the birthplace of Marco Polo. The town will fascinate you with its beautiful historical core, narrow stone streets, museums and churches. Korcula is the town of a long-cherished cultural heritage and one of the most visited destinations on the Adriatic coast. It is famous for the unique and exciting traditional dances “Moreska” and “Kumpanija”.

Jour 5 / Day 5

Wednesday: KOTOR ( Montenegro )
Sail in the morning through the extraordinary Kotor bay to Montenegro , you will discover by the magnificence of its unique Fjord in the Mediterranean , the stunning “Boka Kotorska”. Despite all misfortunes, Kotor has preserved the atmosphere of the medieval Mediterranean town. The town is encircled with 20 m high walls that are 2- 15 m thick and 4.5 km long. One stem of the wall begins at the harbour, i.e. at the South gate, and the other at the River Skurla – West Gate. They both end at the fort of Saint Ivan. The Fort rises above the town and reaches the height of over 250m. There are 1426 stairs leading to the Tower.

Jour 6 / Day 6

Thursday: DURRES (Tirana) Albania
Arrivial in the early morning at Durres port, the most important entrance maritime gate of Albania also well known for his nice Riviera . In Durres only 40 kilometres far from Tirana, you will have the possibility to participate at our Tirana's tour during the whole day discovering the capital of Albania including local lunch in a typical restaurant.

Jour 7 / Day 7

Friday: DUBROVNIK ( Croatia )
The former “ Ragusa ” is a town which resembles an open-air museum. This Monument-City is said to be the most beautiful Croatian city. Once a famous Dubrovnik Republic , the city was a powerful rival of Venice in the fight over sea rule. Today it still continues to rival Venice with its beauty and charming atmosphere. It would be really hard to single out the most fascinating piece of architecture. The Franciscan and the Dominican Monastery, The Cathedral, the Rector's Palace, Stradun, grand City walls and St. Blaise's Church, each of these impressive buildings deserves attention and admiration.

Jour 8 / Day 8

Saturday: SPLIT ( Croatia )
Split , the second largest city in Croatia and “the capital of Dalmatia ” had gradually developed around the palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian, erected more than 1700 years ago. From Diocletian's cellars, Cathedral of the Temple of Jupiter to the Golden Gate (Porta aurea), across the Peristyle and the Market (Pjaca) to the sunny sea promenade (Riva) and further up the Marmont street, past the fish-market and all the way to the Theatre: morning in Split brings you the atmosphere of a typical Mediterranean city.

Jour 9 / Day 9

Sunday: KOPER ( Slovenia )
Arrival in Koper in the morning. You will discover this charming renaissance city.